Debating Europe – Vitasd meg ötleteidet Európa vezetőivel

Debating Europe is the platform where YOU can debate the issues you care about with European politicians and experts. We want to connect European citizens and politicians together in an online debate. We take YOUR questions, comments and ideas directly to policy makers and experts for them to respond.

Hogy működik?

We collect all of the comments sent to us and sort them by topic. We then arrange interviews with policy makers and experts from across Europe, matching up your comments to the relevant interviewee .We publish the reactions to your comments online and promote them through social media. Because of the sheer number of comments we receive, we cannot get responses to all of them – but we try to collect as many reactions as possible!



Madarász Csaba

A digitális demokrácia, off- és online részvételi technikák és mindenféle egyéb aktuális téma kazalba rakva a kedvemre való!

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